A Head for Business.
A Heart for Community.


I am serving to bring the strategic thinking and problem solving skills that have helped me succeed in business to our Town Council. I believe collaboration is the key to Barrington's growth and our long-term success. By collaborating with members of the Council, our committees and town administrators, and other municipalities and agencies throughout and beyond Rhode Island, we will cultivate an even better Barrington.

By taking smart steps in the right direction, and working iteratively to constantly learn and improve, we can solve tomorrow's problems with today's actions.


A platform from which our Town can grow.

Elected officials serve in a role of stewardship for their constituents and the community. Serving the people of Barrington, as a member of the Town Council I will steward...

Thoughtful Innovation & Fiscal responsibility

Our community's great people and resources

Honesty & Integrity

Education of our children & New opportunities for adults

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Dedicated to family and community.

I've had a passion for service since I was young, and have taken opportunities throughout my life and professional career to enhance my capacity to serve the community.

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