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Community Engagement Survey

Jacob Brier, candidate for Barrington Town council, 2018


This survey was posted on May 9, 2018. When the survey is updated in the coming weeks or months, I will send a quick note to let you know, so you have the opportunity to share thoughts on those questions or let me know of any new issues of concern.

Your participation is valuable, to me and our town.

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For which reason(s) do you live in Barrington?
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Please rate the following two statements:
We should leverage our town's strength in education to benefit other municipalities throughout the state. (With the presumption that the expense of doing so is covered from outside/non-tax funds.)
We should incentivize local small businesses to do business in our town.
Please use this section only for specific feedback about my current positions, priorities, and messages I have communicated already.
This is an open opportunity to directly share your thoughts with a candidate, a potential Council member, and advocate for your position. I am asking to work for you -- please help make sure I'm working in your interest.
I will read it, and I will follow-up on all requests.