Help me bring your voice to Town Hall.

(The most recent survey, 003, closed on Jan 21, 2019. It will be summarized and shared shortly, then a new survey will open to learn more about a current issue.)

I believe government officials must steward the issues of concern for their constituents. I am serving on the Barrington Town Council to represent the people of Barrington and bring to the forefront issues that are important to them.

An informed and engaged public is the best way to ensure this. The rest of my site does the work of informing people about my principles, my background and my positions. These surveys are dedicated to you, the residents of Barrington. They serve the purpose of providing an easy means for you to share your opinion on some of the issues and priorities already on my radar, and they give you the opportunity to share with me those issues and priorities that are important to you.

The surveys will be updated based on new information shown to be important to our community, to gain a clearer understanding of how our neighbors engage with the town, and how residents feel about my performance on the Council and our position as a Town.

I believe your engagement will help Barrington be the best it can be.