Since earning a Master's in Business Administration, I have applied my lifelong critical thinking and problem solving strengths to a variety of positions in all areas of business, with focuses in finance, program development, and human resources. I believe my approach to business operations will improve how Barrington seizes opportunities and overcomes challenges.


Finance, economic growth & Innovation

I believe Barrington is filled with tremendous resources that can be strategically directed to advance our community and the businesses within it. A standard tax-and-spending plan covers the basics, but in a town as strong as ours, we can lift one another up without spending more taxpayer money. Through collaboration and strategic relationships, we can redefine the nature of public-private partnerships.

Some Details

  • Identify public-private partnerships to grow local businesses or improve value for town residents.

    • Example: Partner with daycare centers to increase affordable child care for local families, and provide an additional tax credit to fixed-income seniors for volunteering at the daycare centers. (more on my blog)

  • Experiment with new programs and initiatives using methods proven in modern business, such as the Lean Startup model, through which you build fast and small, constantly measure what is and isn't working, continuously apply that learning and re-build, in a short, tight loop.

As a member of the Barrington Town Council, I will steward innovation and collaboration in ways that will save money, enhance services, or generate more non-tax revenue for Barrington.



I believe the health and wellness needs of the community are critical to all other activities, and must be addressed comprehensively and compassionately. We must take care of one another by enabling people to take care of themselves, offering support from the community until they are able to so independently. Being good stewards of our environment is critical in the long-term, and maintaining our parks and green spaces provides an enriching and energizing venue for our community to come together for arts, athletics, social engagement and more, in the short term.

Some Details

  • Add to the health education curriculum topics relating to pain and psychiatric prescription medication, and the risks posed by taking them differently than prescribed and necessitated, or sharing them.

  • Implement unconscious bias training as part of the on-boarding process and continuing education for all municipal professionals and elected officials.

  • Promote green initiatives that protect our environment and allow us to leverage our natural resources, today and tomorrow.

As a member of the Barrington Town Council, I will steward the members of our community who need additional care or attention, and I will help us take advantage of our surroundings in a way that preserves those benefits for generations to come.



I believe collaborating with all members of the legislative body, at multiple levels will move us toward a more efficient, transparent and responsive government. Barrington residents deserve a government that facilitates the smooth operation of the systems that work together to create a strong, thriving community. I believe an informed and involved public is the best way to ensure elected officials are representing you and working to fulfill the needs of the whole community. I believe leaders -- especially those in government -- should admit when they've made a mistake, share what they've learned from that mistake, and explain how it will be overcome.

Some details

  • Improve awareness of scheduled town activities, such as meetings, hearings and events; and enhance access to meeting minutes and other town resources.

  • I will hold "office hours" in public places throughout town during which residents can discuss with me their ideas, share concerns, or learn more about the work I am doing on their behalf.

  • I will maintain on my website a community engagement survey, updating it to reflect issues about which residents may want to provide feedback; whether about my actions specifically, the Council generally, or the town as a whole. And I will share (protecting privacy, as appropriate) the feedback submitted through the surveys.

As a member of the Barrington Town Council, I will steward the values of honesty and integrity as I serve my neighbors and work to achieve great things for you, and for the future of our town and its residents.



I believe effectively educating its children is paramount to the future of a strong community. The Barrington School Committee is committed to this effort. By working with them to create even more opportunities in our school system, and supporting the schools in realizing those opportunities, we can remain at the forefront of K-12 education. Training and career education opportunities for adults is necessary to reach that strong future smoothly.

Some Details

  • Increased collaboration between the school department and town can ensure the appropriate level of external resources are available for the school department to facilitate a superior educational program for students, in an efficient and fiscally responsible way.

    • Find new areas where the school and town departments can share or better align use of resources

    • Create a more accessible and interactive way for town residents to understand the school budgeting process so that residents can better understand the investments being made

  • Create a system through which Barrington adults can be matched with one another to share experiences in a mentor/mentee relationship to broaden opportunities for career growth and exploration.

As a member of the Barrington Town Council, I will steward our children on their journey into the next generation's economy and work to leverage our educational strength beyond Barrington.