Rights Are Not Privileges

I often hear or read statements in political, professional, and social settings, along the lines of “women are still fighting for equal pay,” or “communities of color are still fighting for equal education.”

That framework misses the mark, in my opinion.

Women should not fight for equal pay for women. We all should work for equal pay for all workers. We all should work to ensure all communities deliver quality education to all residents.

Regardless of our backgrounds and demographics, rights are not rights if they have to be earned, piece by piece, time and again. Education, equal pay, health care, human dignity… the requisites to pursuing happiness… these are our rights. Let’s stop framing them as rewards for the successful and the privileged.

We are fortunate to live in such a great town that we do not have to worry about many of the concerns facing our state and country. Let’s leverage that. Let’s come together and demonstrate how a community’s residents can support one another. We do have our own concerns, as all do, but with the security of our fellow Barrington residents supporting us, let’s reach out to our neighbors who may not be as fortunate and see how we can help.

A rising tide lifts all ships, and strong communities hold our nation together.