Reducing Our Reliance of Residential Property Tax

The opportunity to reduce residential property taxes is one of the things that “sealed the deal” when I decided to run for town council. Here are two initiatives that will lessen the residential property tax burden, without diminishing Barrington’s excellent quality of life.

- Securing grants from private foundations that invest in green spaces and recreational facilities, sustainable energy programs, resiliency, or others. We should also secure more federal and state grants.

- Enhanced economic development in Barrington will increase commercial property taxes, without the associated burden. When businesses become more valuable, that value is a realized benefit; unlike an increased home value.

Efforts to mitigate the residential tax burden must be paired with communicating to all Barrington neighbors what we’re doing to control taxes, provide great value to residents, and ensure people can rely on fair assessments.

I look forward to working on this challenge. It’s not an easy one, but important things rarely are.