Their End of the Bargain

During last year’s campaign season, we heard similar words repeated by the three School Committee candidates who eventually won the election; collaboration and communication.

As we begin to review the budgets as presented to the Committee on Appropriations, we have the opportunity to see where that campaign talk meets reality. So I’d like to deliver a hearty “Thank You” to Gina Bae, Erika Sevetson and Patrick McCrann for holding up their end of the bargain; and to Anna Clancy and Megan Douglas for continuing to clearly communicate their collaborative work.

Regardless of anybody’s view of the priorities in the school budget, the presentation of them is clear and the workshops provided through the restructured School Committee meetings makes evident the collaborative nature with which it was prepared. The simple fact that these priorities, specifically the two-tier bus schedule and added positions for Instructional Coaches, are presented overtly, despite the easy opportunity to have “buried them” within a $46MM budget, shows both a strong belief in the importance of transparency as well as steadfast confidence that these initiatives are what is best for our children’s education and wellness, and are deserving investments for our community.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but I am glad that the people making the decisions for our schools are showing that they rely on more than our opinions, or even their own, and are basing the District’s actions on a range of analysis and tested methods.

Thank you, School Committee, and District Administration!