On Hope, for Rhode Island

Our state is filled with people who are passionate about their roots here, and the newest buds that form on the end of their branches each spring. We are watered by Narragansett Bay and warmed by the rising sun over the Atlantic.


Our motto that forever declares the future -- tomorrow’s rising sun -- will be better. Even better.

Rhode Islanders’ love affair with our great, tiny state, is one of tough love. We love self deprecation, and we lust over our flaws. Love is imperfect.

Even those who are unhappy love Rhode Island; or some version of it they harken back to or envision in the future. But that is still today’s Rhode Island making their heart beat. Our rich history, or the next season’s Hope.

But Rhode Islanders’ hearts beat because of the bleeding hearts among us. Those who put in the time, effort, sacrifice, and sweat to ensure that our motto maintains. Those who hope. Those who help. Those of us who want the rising sun to shine on what makes us great. On what has always been there, including the promise of tomorrow, together.

Progress is made by picking up what we have, pulling forward what works, and powering through the changes that are needed. Those who seek to make progress for Rhode Island and Rhode Islanders are those who realize the Hope.

This is not a hunt, which pits hunter against prey. We all deserve to thrive. And if we only marshal in more of the same, we stall the progress toward realizing our hope.

We choose a new path, and walk together as the blossoms bloom, and the spring breeze sways our rooted trees, the season turns to shining summer, in June, and Rhode Island has hope.