Candidates Forum Remarks

On October 16, 2018, I participated in the Candidates Forum, organized by the League of Women Voters and sponsored by East Bay Newspapers and Full Channel. It was my first time participating in anything of the sort; much like most of the campaign activities over the past several months. I enjoyed the opportunity to express my views and opinions and hear from the other Town Council candidates, as well as candidates running for state legislative seats and Barrington School Committee. Here are the opening and closing statements I gave. To watch the full forum, click here (cued to the Town Council segment).

Opening Statement

Good evening, everybody. I’m Jacob Brier, and I’m hoping to earn your confidence that I will represent you well on our Town Council.

Professionally, I’m the Operations Director of a software agency. I’ve overseen its finances, human resources, and managed a variety of special project as we’ve grown it from 20 employees to more than 60 across four states.

In 2008, I co-founded LIFEcycle with my wife and we’ve raised hundreds of thousands for cancer treatment in RI.

In 2015, my wife, Dani and I moved to Barrington with our son, Soren. While we were still unpacking the truck, our neighbors came to introduced themselves, and Soren instantly had his first neighborhood friend. When we chose Barrington for the schools, like I’ve heard from so many neighbors say, I didn’t know we’d also get the tremendous warmth and sense of community that we immediately felt.

Barrington is a great town. Working to improve upon that greatness is what makes me excited about serving on Town Council. I look forward to using the strategic thinking and collaborative problem-solving skills that have helped me succeed in business to cultivate an even better Barrington.

Closing Statement

What makes Barrington great is more than what we have, it’s the things that define who we ARE. We are a forward-looking community.

We are a town that prioritizes education, health and wellness, and the environment. We have a small business community that generously gives back to our schools and neighborhood organizations.

We understand the interconnectedness of our community and value the warmth that my family felt while we moved into our home. We take care of each other.

These are values I share with our town.

If elected to the Town Council, I will preserve these values and the traits of our town as I work to ensure the whole community has the opportunity to come together to make our great town even better.