Tough Love: American Intervention

Tough Love: American Intervention

A man walks into his home to find nine of his family members and closest friends, sitting in a circle, with one open seat. "We're here because we love you, and want to help you," his mother tells him, as she pats the open seat next to her. "Please join us." The man is scared. He's in pain. He wants to turn his back on his friends and family, and blame their actions for pushing him away. He wants to leave. But... he knows he needs the help, and he must listen and accept it, if he wants to get better. He joins them at the table

When somebody loves something, they don't have to see it as perfect. Their love lets them see its potential, and they want to help realize that potential. Kneeling football players, Academy Award speeches, the Women's March on Washington, the entire BLM movement... they're all together, hosting an intervention, and America is the guest of honor.

America is loved. It is a great country. It needs help to open its greatness up to all who live here. It is painful and scary to change the status quo – especially for those who are lucky enough to have a status quo that works pretty well for them. But, the agitation of that pain is not the result of disrespect, it's love.

American power is tremendous. We have flexed our muscles around the world to preach democracy and freedom. It's time for America to accept this painful intervention and join its family and friends. It's time to sit and listen. Not to speak. It's time to think and feel. Not to react. It's time to understand and learn. It's time to use that power, at home.

Only then can we be healed. Only then can we be one.