Asking you to Believe with Brier

Asking you to Believe with Brier

I am excited to start my campaign to serve on the Barrington Town Council.

I am moved to seek this role by my love for our Town of Barrington and passion for serving my community. With your vote, my skills, experience, and philosophy will be leveraged to enhance Barrington’s status as a phenomenal town in which to live, to maintain its reputation as the best school system in the state, to steward the strong and warm social connectedness of our neighborhoods, and to ensure sound fiscal policy, building economic opportunity for the town and its residents.

I believe collaboration is how we achieve quality policies and programs that serve all the residents of our town. I will work hand in hand with anybody who has good intentions, regardless of differences in philosophy.

I believe I am well-suited to bring diverse ideas together to deliver simple, effective solutions to complex problems. My broad business and non-profit experience, and my belief in the Lean, build-measure-learn, methodology enable me to implement tested solutions at scale, by working iteratively, efficiently and effectively.

I believe government’s role is to work toward an environment in which all members of the community are able to learn, achieve, and earn a living; and I believe government’s role is to maintain a strong safety net for those whom have not yet been able to, or are no longer able to, benefit from that environment.

I believe in transparency and will share my decision-making process on all votes and activities in which I participate as a member of the Council. If I have made a mistake, I will own up to it, explain what I’ve learned, and share how we will move forward and persevere.

Please return throughout the summer, as is updated to share more about my candidacy to serve our town; including information about current issues, more details of my platform, and ideas I have for our community.

I believe in our community. Let’s believe together.

Take care,

Jacob S. N. Brier, MBA
Candidate for Town Council
Barrington, Rhode Island