Help me, help you

If you'd like to help the campaign, your involvement is welcome and appreciated. There are a few ways you can help out; here is a list, and below are more details about each:

  • Take the Community Engagement Survey (when open)

  • Host a Parlor Meeting

  • Canvass a Barrington neighborhood

  • Donate to the campaign


Take The current Community Engagement Survey

Jacob wants to hear what you have to say; about his priorities and positions on issues, and equally as important, about your priorities and positions on issues. Please click here to take a brief survey.


Parlor Meetings

The small gatherings (approx 5-15 people) are an opportunity for Jacob to connect meaningfully with Barrington residents and discuss issues of importance to them, specifically with regard to the town. This helps to raise awareness of his candidacy and build enthusiasm for his campaign. They help earn votes and raise the funds necessary to spread his message to as many Barrington residents as possible.


Canvassing a Neighborhood

There are nearly 6,000 homes in Barrington. That's a lot of doors on which to knock. You can help the campaign succeed by sharing in this effort to spread news of Jacob's candidacy throughout town.


Able to provide financial support?

The cost of running a campaign is significant. Whether it's printing collateral, feeding volunteers, purchasing ad space or hosting a website, it takes money to keep pushing forward. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please click here to donate.


to reach out

Questions or comments for Jacob?

Interested in volunteering to help bring Jacob's business skills and community experience to our Town Council?

Prefer the spoken word?  Call: (401) 903-2832



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